I just did some math

By Tonya Dreher | July 6, 2015
2016 Whitney Team climbs for Gus Dreher

Dear friends,

Thank you to all who have donated. I am about a third of the way to my goal! Last week I saw an orthopedist and was told that I have bursitis in my knee and a possible meniscus tear (an MRI will determine). So I have been wearing a ridiculously uncomfortable brace, feeling slightly depressed, and walking instead of hiking for the last 10 days.

Tomorrow I am going to attempt to resume my hiking schedule. And still, this discomfort that I’m feeling is nothing compared to what boys with Duchenne face everyday — extreme fatigue, muscle cramps, stomach issues due to meds, mandatory stretches 2-3 times daily, the psychological effects of never being able to do the things their friends can do, the wheelchair, the endless doctor visits and pokes with needles, upwards of 10 pills a day…these things and more are what my little boy faces every day.

I am more determined than ever to climb to Everest base camp for him and all boys with DMD and raise some serious money for research in the process!

I just did some math…I need $6290 to reach my goal and I have 486 Facebook friends. If everyone of my FB friends donates just $13 each, I will reach my goal. THIRTEEN DOLLARS!! Can you help? Can you spare $13 for this sweet face? Thank you so much in advance!

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