The 2023 Everest Team

Join the 2023 Everest Team as we trek to Everest Base Camp in September 2023. The trek will take us 120 km and 17 days to complete. To sign up for the 2023 Everest to End Duchenne trek, please email

Tonya Dreher

2023 Everest Team member Tonya DreherMy name is Tonya Dreher, founder of the original Everest to End Duchenne and mother to Gus, age 18. Gus lives with Duchenne and is the inspiration behind every single fundraiser done through the Hope for Gus Foundation. We created the foundation after Gus’ diagnosis and have raised hundreds of thousands of dollars for medical research for DMD. ETED 2023 is my 5th time taking a team to trek to Everest Base Camp. Every time, it its an honor to read the names of 100’s who suffer from DMD when we reach our destination.

Amy Dell

2023 Everest Team member Amy DellMy name is Amy Dell and I feel honored to be part of the 2023 trek. I first learned about Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy (DMD) 30 years ago, when I was an individual aide for a second grader named Andrew. A significant memory from that school year was helping him participate in a class field trip to climb a local mountain; now his memory will be with me as I attempt this climb. Honoring Steve and Tonya Dreher, and all they have done to raise funds for research and awareness of DMD out of love and care for Gus, is my other motivation for participating. THANK YOU to everyone who has donated or otherwise supported my efforts and this cause!

Sofia Franzen

2023 Everest Team member Sofia FranzenMy name is Sofia, 44. Swedish living in Norway the last 20 years or so.
Have 2 kids. Leon 16 years old living with Duchenne, and his little sister Ella 14 years old.
I love being out in the nature, been to Peru twice. Up in the mountains and down to the rainforest.
I travel as often as I can. Love to see new places and meet new people.
I do this trek for all those boys who can’t. To spread the word about Duchenne. And pay attention to this, so that more money can go to research for a cure! In Norway almost no one knows about Duchenne. When I talk about no one knows what Duchenne is!
I have a dream for a cure.

Zoë Garvey

2023 Everest Team member Zoë GarveyMy name is Zoë Garvey and I am a recent graduate from Virginia Tech currently taking some time off before starting a full time job! I have known about Hope for Gus, DMD, and the Dreher’s since my freshman year of High School and I am thrilled to have the opportunity to continue supporting HFG. I graduated from Souhegan High School in 2019, while there, I spent a lot of time planning fundraisers for HFG with the Souhegan Ethics Forum. I am so grateful that I have the time and resources to give back to DMD, I cannot wait to trek to Base Camp with this year’s crew and update everyone on the journey!

Paul McGrath

2023 Everest Team member Paul McGrathMy name is Paul McGrath and I live in Wolcott, VT. About 8 years ago, I had an opportunity to take part in the first Hope for Gus “Everest to End Duchenne” trek to raise money and awareness for Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy. I didn’t end up doing it as I was too engrossed in my business, and also I admit that I didn’t have a good sense of the crucial support and help that great people and organizations require to work on causes like this around the world. As years have passed, I regretted not participating in helping a cause aimed at raising awareness and money for a debilitating disorder that affects boys around the world. This year that changes. I’ve known the founders of The Hope for Gus Foundation for 25 years and of their son Gus’s condition for over 10. I’ve been to many of their fundraisers and supported their foundation through them, but until I really sat down and did the research, I didn’t know the reality of this disease and how many boys it affects. I am excited and honored to take this journey.

Betsy Pfleger

2023 Everest Team member Betsy PflegerMy name is Betsy Pfleger. I have been an adventure seeker all of my life. I have traveled to many interesting places including my favorite place so far-Egypt! I have been to Burning Man 5 times and each time my eyes are opened to new perspectives and I have been inspired by the limitlessness of imagination. I have lived in some super cool places and feel so lucky to call New Zealand my second home after living there for 12 years! I now live in Bozeman Montana part of the year and in Hawaii on the island of Kauai the other part of the year. I am so excited to take this trek to the base camp of Mount Everest with the Everest To End Duchenne team for many reasons. I will be with my dear friend Tonya for a cause so close to her heart. I will also be putting my body to the test while being able to see and experience the incredible terrain of Nepal and Everest along with learning about a culture I am so curious about. And finally, I will be doing it for all of those who are struck by DMD who can no longer do it for themselves and I will be raising funds for a cure and spreading awareness for this terrible disease.