August 22 Journal Entry

By Tonya Dreher | August 22, 2016

So, Steve has been hiking in the wilds of California since early Friday morning. I have not heard from him….no one has heard from the team. I’m sure they are fine…but I am anxious anyway.

They are carrying very heavy packs, and I heard this afternoon that it has been storming there and that there will potentially be snow near the summit. I’m not sure that they were prepared for that….
I’m worried, but I’m also proud. So proud of these five individuals who took 2 weeks out of their very busy lives to take on a very challenging trek…all for our children with Duchenne.

People think Everest was a big deal, and it kind of was…. EXCEPT…I had a porter carry my gear, and I had a tea house (sort of a shack, but still!) to stay in each night, AND I had cell service most of the way! I could let my family know that I was ok! How crazy to have cell service in the Himalayas, but not in CA!! We were also passing through many villages with local people who could get us some kind of food, treat an injury, or get a message for help if we needed it!

Steve, Chris, Alaina, Julie and Gregg are TRULY on their own, with only each other to rely on, plus the gear on their backs. These people are my heroes. I am praying for them, I am indebted to them, they are helping move us closer to a cure.

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